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• Application Support (Including  "How To" Questions)

• Application Integration Support

• Mobile Access Support

• Firm Member Onboarding / Deboarding (User Account Setup)


• Implementing New Applications & Models

• Progression of New Technological Services

• 1v1 Training / Consulting / Development

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• Complete Technology Review & Assessment

• Strategic Planning 

• Growth & Development

• Vision Goals & Achievements

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The practice of law is constantly changing. So are your technology needs for practicing in that environment.

InertiaCare is our way of making your dollars and our efforts count for the long term.

Instead of simply installing software and quickly bidding you farewell, we want to stick around and make sure your investment sticks.

We're adamant that every client has a technology plan, and that we work that plan to achieve our shared goals.

Best In Class Consulting Services for the 6 Key Categories of Legal Technology


Case Management

Case Management (a.k.a. Practice Management) is all about organizing the day to day operations of your staff and the cases they work. It’s hard to know where you stand as a firm when everyone does things differently. Good case management solutions enable lawyers to work from their strengths while anchoring important workflows, case data, and schedules into a common backend shared across your firm. We can even go so far as sharing case data and updates with your clients, but one step at a time.

Time / Billing / Accounting

Your office can be humming along on a state-of-the-art Case Management system, but if you aren’t billing for your work and collecting on those bills, your firm’s days will be numbered! Our solutions integrate with their case management counterparts, sometimes even sharing the same database, giving you dead simple billing workflows and easy visibility into the financial status of your clients and matters–as well as your firm as a whole.


Document Management

The desire to lawyer may be the life blood of a law office, but documents are how things get done. Document management software ensures that you can quickly and efficiently locate key case documents (of any type) as well as effectively manage records for closed cases. It brings together everything you need to organize, control, describe, index, and categorize all of your electronic documents and e-mail content. The importance of good document management in enabling law firm success simply cannot be understated.

We also offer a wide range of enhancements to streamline your document management and production including: OCR solutions, metadata scrubbing, document comparison, client portals for document sharing and collaboration, as well E-Discovery and Litigation Support tools.

Scorecards & Reporting

Now that you’ve organized your firm’s information and workflows, what are you doing to use that data for decision making? Inertia has been a pioneer in the space of reporting and analytics for law firms, and we want to see our clients use their data to steer their practices in the right direction. Successful law firms use data driven decision making techniques to make their decisions count. Get ahead of the curve and start now.


Cybersecurity & Risk

The importance of proper cybersecurity and risk mitigation for the modern law office simply cannot be understated. While this topic was barely discussed two years go, the myriad of recent law firm security breaches and associated client fallout have made this the hot topic today. Fortunately, there are many effective (and reasonably priced) security solutions to implement real security standards for your law practice and inspire client confidence. Start the conversation today.

Cloud Hosting

Many firms are still mystified by the “cloud” and what it can and cannot do for their practice. It doesn’t have to be confusing. Cloud hosting is simply using the resources and expertise of web enabled applications and data centers to make your IT system more reliable, more flexible, and more cost effective. It’s not a thing. It’s an entirely new way of thinking about how to build your IT system to keep you secure and help you focus on what you do best. We work with a number of top notch partners to deliver everything from individual applications to entire firm IT environments. Don’t sink another dollar into a server at your office until you talk with us.

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